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Design your own corner office with a view

December 8, 2020

More and more people are working from home and a huge benefit of buying a new home with a flexible floor plan is the ability to design your own corner office with a view even before the home is built!

Located at Leslie Street and Stouffville Road in Richmond Hill, you will find a brand new community called Oakridge Meadows. For the future families who will live here, we have been thoughtful about every floor plan, giving homeowners the opportunity to find that special space to set up a home office, studio or homework nook.

We have designed our homes to enhance a work, live, play lifestyle, and we know that the community around your new home is just as important as setting up your new workspace. At Oakridge Meadows, there are beautiful nature trails, parks, convenient shopping centres and more right at outside your door so that you can spend your time exactly the way you want.

Home designs that reflect your needs

The homes at Oakridge Meadows have been designed to suit a variety of lifestyles and that includes spending our days working from home. From flexible floor plans to customizable work spaces, privacy nooks and fully-networked office stations, you have space and technology to make your workday comfortable, efficient and productive.

Choose the most sunlit part of the house to set up your home office with a desk, a chair, a bookshelf, a lamp and a bulletin board. You will be “zoom-ready” in no time, able to conduct brainstorming sessions in peace and quiet, finetune a presentation and get your work done from the comfort of your own home.

Best Practices for Working from Home

A recent article on discussed the best practices for working from home and after researching the most common, listed the top six.

The first one is: set and keep regular office hours. Yes, interruptions can happen, family obligations and last-minute deadlines, but for the most part, setting working hours and sticking to them will set you up for success.

The second one is: plan and structure your workday. Plan to work around your most productive hours. Are you a morning person? A night owl? If you know you focus best in the morning, resist the temptation to be distracted. Review what needs to get done and get started. Making a to-do list for the day also helps set out your productivity goals.

The third one is: dress to impress. This one might be challenging because who can resist the comfort of leggings and jogging pants when you’re not leaving your home? Research shows that the way you dress affects you psychologically. So the best way to get into productive mode is to dress for work every morning.

The fourth one is: set aside a designated work area. In your new home at Oakridge Meadows, you can plan for this by working with us during the floor plan design stage. We have options and flexible floor plans so that you can create your own corner office with a view! All you will have to do is decorate!

The fifth one is: take breaks. Sometimes the breaks will be stand up and stretch. Other times, it will be a lunch break around your beautiful kitchen table where the sun is streaming in. Some days you will get out to take a walk and at Oakridge Meadows, you are in the most ideal location at Leslie Street and Stouffville Road to take a walk along the trails in the Trailwood Conservation Area to the scenic pathways in the Richmond Green Park. You could also pop out easily to run a few errands since Oakridge Meadows is centrally located close to numerous grocery stores, plazas and specialty shops.

The final best practice is an obvious one but an important one: avoid distractions. It can be challenging to stay accountable while working from home. Even though you don’t have any colleagues around, there are still household chores calling your name, online shopping just a click away and who doesn’t love a midday nap? Set a timer if it’s helpful and do your best to stick to your office hours and your plan to stay focused on your workday. The laundry will still be there when you’re done for the day.

Let’s make your dream office a reality

Together, we can make the best of this new routine. With flexible floor plans that allow for space to create a home office, studio or homework nook, working from home can be comfortable, sunlit, impeccably-designed, well-connected and safe. You might even find that your new home office ends up being your favourite room in your home.

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